The Problems With Being Too Affable To A Sugar Baby

Let's face it, dating is supposed to be easy, but getting too easy can lead to problems. No matter how emotionally close we are to sugar baby, it can hurt when you act too easygoing. Is there such a thing as "going too easy" when you're on a date? You may be reluctant to challenge your sugar baby's point of view, but healthy disagreement can actually make you more attractive. Also, most sugar babies like their sugar daddies to have their own opinions and want to hear from you, even if you end up disagreeing with them. Of course, you don't have to worry, as long as you use some tactics to make your point without being rude. Below, you'll find out why being too accommodating can affect your relationship with sugar babies, and how to present your ideas in a more attractive way while dating attractive sugar babies. Reason 1: arguing is actually good for your relationship
Believe it or not, fighting properly is actually good for a relationship. Of course, this doesn't mean you should have a big fight or resort to name-calling -- disagreements should be resolved constructively. Constructive conflict occurs when boundaries are respected and both sides feel comfortable expressing their views. Of course, sometimes disagreements can escalate to levels neither side anticipated. But even if things get a little tricky, that's ok. It's much healthier to let your emotions out than to bottle them up.
Here are some benefits to make your point -- even if it leads to arguments -- that are still good for your relationship: 1)There may be less trouble
If you can talk honestly about the issues at the beginning, there will be less trouble later. If you let them know in advance that you don't like something, you can reach a compromise, and you don't have to worry that your worries will deteriorate to the point where one day you'll explode.
2)It can increase trust and intimacy
No relationship is just about sunshine and rainbows, and a proper fight can increase trust and intimacy in your relationship and strengthen your overall bond.
3)It can make you feel better
Being too accommodating early in a date or relationship can cause you to suppress your feelings, which can lead to anger and resentment later on. So, releasing your negative emotions in a timely manner will make you feel better. If you keep worrying that your sugar baby won't accept your negative thoughts or opinions, it will eventually burn you out.
Reason 2: being too accommodating makes you seem insincere
Early in the dating process, you're afraid your date sugar baby won't see eye to eye, and then you're afraid she'll feel insulted or that you don't have much in common. To avoid this, you may become too accommodating on the date, and you may even lie a little to keep things from getting worse. For example, maybe the girl you're dating likes to eat vegetarian food, and vegetarian food isn't your thing -- you've tried it before, but you're still a carnivore. You'd better let her know that you're not interested in vegetarian food, but you think it's cool that she likes it.
If you lie to be closer to her and try to pretend that you really like vegetarian food, this can lead to major problems later on. Your lies will eventually come to light and she won't be too happy -- not because she refuses to date anyone who isn't a vegetarian, but because you lied about your interest. After all, trust is one of the most important parts of building a long-term relationship with someone. Even if you lie to please someone, these types of lies can still undermine trust and prevent you from succeeding on a date. So be honest from the start! Reason 3: it can help you pick out sugar babies that aren't right for you
Maybe you think expressing a different point of view than sugar baby will scare away some sugar baby you're interested in, or the sugar baby you're interested in will judge you and decide not to date you anymore. It's bad to be judged for an opinion, but remember that sugar baby is actually doing you a favor by helping you weed out sugar babies that aren't right for you.
So being true to yourself and expressing your opinions (without being too accommodating) is a way to weed out people who aren't right for you in the long run. Relationships are about accepting people for who they are and loving them in the end, even if you disagree with everything they say or do. Reason 4: your agreeableness may be mistaken for weakness
You may think you are easygoing, but she may think your easygoing is a weak spine and lack of strength. Put yourself in your shoes. Do you want someone who is constantly submissive? I think the answer is no. When you can stand up for yourself, others will think you are strong. On the contrary, being too easygoing can make you seem easily persuaded. Strength is definitely a thrill for sugar babies. You need to look strong, not weak, so she can feel safe.
Reason 5: it makes you look like you're overcompensating
Even if you do agree with your sugar baby, you can't agree with them all the time. If you force yourself to do this, it will make you look like you're overcompensating for something, which makes you less attractive to sugar babies.
According to a study, people who are too easygoing may be flattered too much. In the study, participants played a game that provided opportunities for individual and group rewards. Surprisingly, the players who were considered the most generous (those who gave up trying to get the best for themselves) were eliminated first. Participants found that altruistic players were fussy about details, and they also perceived generous players as rule-breakers. So sometimes being too generous is a good thing. Finally, I'd like to make one point: a healthy, happy dating attitude will take you further in a relationship. It's time to embrace a new and better way of life. Be true to yourself and don't flatter anyone too much. Maybe you can join some professional sugar daddy match websites to learn how to date and boost your confidence. Each of us is different, believe in yourself, remember the points I mentioned above, don't be afraid to be yourself. Change is good, you can do it!
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